Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a BIM Server?

A: BIM Server allows for team collaboration on BIM model projects with ArchiCAD users within an office or from around the world.

Q: What is a Managed BIM Server?

A: We provision, setup, and secure the Windows Server and network infrastructure the BIM Server software resides on. We also maintain and regularly backup the Windows Server and your project data in the cloud.

Q: How do I manage my BIM Server?

A: Upon provisioning your new BIM Server, you will be given a URL and login credentials for which you can access the BIM Server’s web interface to create and manage your users, projects and libraries.

Q: How does licensing work?

A: You must register your newly provisioned BIM Server with your own Graphisoft ID before you can start using it with Teamwork. You must already have at least one ArchiCAD license in order to activate the BIM Server.

Q: What versions of BIM Server do you host?

A: All versions of BIM Server 19, 20 and 21.

Q: What version of BIM Server do I choose when purchasing a BIM Server?

A: ArchiCAD users and the BIM Server must be on equivalent versions in order to work together. See our table here.

Q: Can my BIM Server be upgraded in the future?

A: Absolutely, and we do that for you as part of the managed services you purchased. Just send us an email or call and we’ll plan an update or upgrade schedule with you.

Q: Where are the BIM Servers hosted?

A: We utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Q: Where are the datacenters located?

A: AWS offers datacenters in the following locations: Virgina US, Ohio US, California US, Oregon US, Canada, Ireland, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Mumbai, & Sao Paulo.