ArchiCAD Render Farm

Render your ArchiCAD scenes using Super Computers in the Cloud at up to 100x the rendering speed

With ArchiCAD sitting on our Platform in the Cloud, architects are able to render their models and scenes at blazing speeds using the already-familiar CineRender interface integrated with ArchiCAD.

  • Render up to 100x faster than rendering on your local workstation
  • Batch render at high quality
  • Free up your workstation and licensing during rendering
  • Hourly billing

How does it work?

ArchiCAD’s rendering performance is dependent on the hardware it runs on and we have optimized computers in the Cloud that you can screen share with and run your rendering jobs. You only pay for the hours you are running your “super computer” and you can access your projects via your own BIM Server, a vbim Managed BIM Server or by uploading an ArchiCAD .PLA file via the web directly to your ArchiCAD Render Farm’s super computer.

Many architects setup render scenes locally on their own machine and then render in the Cloud using batch jobs to create their high-resolution deliverables. You can minimize your remote screen sharing session while jobs render and you can continue working on your own machine to continue on other ArchiCAD work.


ArchiCAD rendering speeds are dictated by the number of cores your computer hosts on it’s processor, unlike Revit and other rendering softwares that are dependent on the graphics card. An average computer hosts 4 cores. The server we spin-up in the Cloud is exclusively for your firm to use and has 96 cores. We will install the same matching version of ArchiCAD that you request and we provide the license (included in the cost) so you may continue working on other projects on your own computer– which is why we developed the service for our clients. Some of our clients even make the render time billable as many firms do with printing.

We recommend you setup a number of render jobs locally on your computer then upload them as Solo files to the render machine, as this greatly reduces the time required of rendering. Some firms use Teamwork to access their BIM server but this additional network traffic increases the render time.

Want to see how we can help your firm accelerate your workflow in the Cloud? Request more information by contacting us.